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Anthony Bailey Circle22.png

Anthony P. Bailey has been a part of the Credit Union movement for over 39 years. As an avid leader, currently serving as the Vice President at Pepco Federal Credit Union, Anthony continues to lead with commitment and courage. Joining AACUC nearly 17 years ago and actively being a part of every aspect of the organization, Anthony has become a pioneer and a historian that continues to have the crucial conversations with the members to ensure the philosophy and the vision of the AACUC is not disremembered. Anthony is a part of the Eastern Regional Chapter and served on the board as treasurer for many years.

Anthony holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Bowie State University (BSU), which was the first historically black public university in the state of Maryland. Anthony continues the great works of empowerment in his everyday living. As a member of the AACUC, Anthony attends the annual conferences and single handedly mentor young and new members of the organization to ensure they are aligned to move upward in their respective careers.

Anthony P. Bailey is a strong leader who continues to contest adversity to ensure the purpose of a powerful movement is established and accomplished.

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