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Dr. Birdex Copeland, President, is retired from Grambling State University.  Prior to his retirement, he was a teacher and administrator for thirty-four years.  He served as Head of the Department of Sociology and the Dean of the School of Social Work.  Dr. Copeland holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Grambling State University, a Master of Social Work degree from Atlanta University, and the Doctor of Philosophy from Kansas State University.  He is Dean Emeritus of the School of Social Work, Grambling State University. 

He is also a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shreveport Federal Credit Union, Chairman of the Grambling Legends Square Taxing District, a member of the Grambling Economic Development Council, a former City Councilman, and a Deacon of the Mount Olive Baptist Church of Grambling. 


Dr. Copeland has served the credit union movement as a volunteer for over 40 years.  He considers his efforts toward the “people helping people” emphasis in the credit union movement as an extension of his professional role as a social worker.  Serving the “underserved” is an important mission.

A visionary and a leader, Dr. Copeland, led the credit union as it adopted a successful Community Development Strategy serving Low to Moderate Income people across two of the most distressed states, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Dr. Copeland is a huge advocate for the credit union movement and a true believer that a board must be trained, must be knowledgeable of credit union compliance and current events and must plan for the future.

Married to Lolita Collins-Copeland, Dr. Copeland is the father of two children and grandfather of two.

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