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Born in Detroit, Michigan Harold Michael Holmes was the 3rd child of Ledora and Shepherd Holmes, Jr., both deceased. he attended public schools in Detroit and obtained a B.S. degree in public affairs management from Michigan State University in east Lansing, Michigan. after graduation Harold joined the M&O Marketing Agency, he earned the professional designation of Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow.  He joined PFP in 1985, his first introduction to the Credit union world.

He joined PFP in 1985, his first introduction to the credit union world, and quickly became a very successful sales representative for the company, which provides insurance programs and supplemental benefits to credit unions and their members.

Holmes joined the AACUC family in 1998 when Leroy Nesbit Jr. shared with him the vision that Sheilah Montgomery, Shirley Jenkins and Pete Crear had about starting an organization that could help address the disparity gap of executive management positions for African-Americans in the credit union industry. He became an advocate for the AACUC, soliciting support from around the country.


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