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Jim Blaine Circle.png

Jim Blaine lives in the woods in rural North Carolina. He is slightly balding, can be testy, is not getting thinner, has been known to argue and has at least one opinion on everything. Jim thinks he can dance, but he really can’t; likes most people and all dogs. He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, holds an MBA from Duke University and is also a CPA (inactive). Jim worked with the State Employees’ Credit Union and while employed served unsuccessfully on numerous boards and committees. Much to his relief and to the relief of his fellow committee colleagues, he was rarely re-elected and never reappointed.

Jim has been married to Jean Burdette Blaine for 45 years. Jean is an individual of exceptional patience. They have five adult children - Jim, Eleanor, Sarah, Thomas, and Mary - and a small swarm of grandchildren. His grandchildren call him “Sweetbaby", but they are still too young to know better.

He currently tends chickens and raises daffodils, while retaining an active interest in provocation and inspiration. He is developing a fondness for champagne.

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