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Michael Ray is currently the Director of Business Development for Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union. He has been with Congressional for nearly 20 years. Previously, Michael worked at Chevy Chase Bank as a loan officer. He is extensively involved in the credit union movement, volunteering his time in both the credit union industry and community to help further credit union growth. He is a Certified DE (Development Educator) and a former member of ASTD (Ameri-can Society for Training and Development). Michael also completed the DE program in the United Kingdom in 2004. He has spoken at league conferences and has taught classes for Virginia, the District of Columbia and Texas Credit Union Leagues and has been a mentor and teacher for the DE program at CUNA. On the international front, Michael has volunteered for ACDI-VO-CA to assist credit cooperative in Russia. For the past 5 years, he has worked with cooperatives throughout the country, providing technical and strategic training and seminars for rural credit cooperatives.

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