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Pablo DeFilippi is currently SVP at Inclusiv, a national, nonprofit association and CDFI intermediary that represents supports and invests in credit unions serving predominantly low-income, financially underserved communities.  

DeFilippi has more than 20 years of experience in community finance and financial inclusion working with regulated financial institutions both in the domestic and international arena. Throughout his career, DeFilippi has implemented, promoted or scaled a number of important initiatives aimed to expanding access to affordable, responsible and sustainable solutions to the financial needs of low and moderate-income consumers. 

DeFilippi has held leadership positions in the community development fields: CEO of the Lower East Side People’s FCU a credit union serving financially underserved minority populations in NYC; Managed the World Council of Credit Unions’ International Remittance Program; Worked for the National Cooperative Business Association. During his tenure at Inclusiv, DeFilippi has led some of the most impactful strategic initiatives for the organization.   

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