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Peggy Peacock was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, where she still proudly calls it home. Her love for her city and commitment to human causes made her a perfect candidate for a career of helping her fellow citizens. Her public service career began when she was hired in 1967 by the City of Baltimore. She was brought on as a Neighborhood Development Assistant for the Community Action Agency. This agency came out of the War on Poverty program established by President Lyndon Johnson. Her service to her community continued when she became involved with the establishment of the Inner City Credit Union which aided underserved residents of Baltimore’s inner city. The credit union had branches in the Cherry Hill neighborhood, east and west Baltimore and Peggy was its chief liaison, informing residents in Baltimore’s poorest neighborhoods that there was a financial institution for them.

In the mid-1970s, the Community Action Agency became the Urban Services Agency which merged with Model Cities. Ultimately the agency became Housing and Community Development where Peggy’s position was Human Services Worker. She retired in February 2017 after 50 years of dedicated service to her beloved Baltimore.

In March 1999, Peggy Peacock became a member of the board of directors of MECU. Additionally, she held positions as a MECU Foundation board member, as a member of the ALM Committee, as co-chair of the Governance Committee, and chairperson of the Strategic Planning Committee. Furthermore, when it came time to choose a new President and CEO for MECU, she served on that committee as well.

During her tenure as a MECU board member, she has witnessed and been a part of MECU’s increasing commitment to the community. One undertaking she recalls, in particular, was MECU’s partnership with the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood in West Baltimore. Through MECU’s collaboration with New Song Community Church and Habitat for Humanity, many citizens were able to realize their dream of homeownership. Peggy continues to inspire and encourage all those who come in contact with her, especially women, and through her actions, she has demonstrated her dedication to the true mission of the credit union movement.

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